Remain aware of what is being shared with your children. Almost daily, the media reports incidents across the U.S. of depraved activists surreptitiously exposing obscene and debased concepts to young, impressionable children via the classroom. The exact same thing is taking place here in Academy District 20, Colorado Springs, CO.

This website is dedicated to exposing the garbage that these culprits are attempting to hide from members of the community; and to give parents the resources necessary to regulate the cultivation of their own children.

“I find no evidence of pushing an agenda, just evidence of people discussing the experiences and ideas that they hold.”

Sample of Books in D20 School Libraries

“i know you’re a slut you smell like cum.” (page 174)

“Now her face is facing my dick, and it’s awkward because she’s never seen it.” (page 29)

““…She did your homework and you ate her coochie!…”” (page 194)

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Colorado Springs-area students’ test scores trail statewide averages


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