Sex in the Stacks

(Nov 2023 – Eagle Forum) Amid growing concern about libraries connecting children to sexually explicit activities, the American Library Association is doubling down.

Kirk Cameron takes on ‘woke’ giant Scholastic with SkyTree Book Fairs

(Nov 2023 – The Washington Times) Scholastic has long reigned as the undisputed book-fair champ, but the publisher known for “Clifford the Big Red Dog” is raising concerns on the right over its growing library of children’s books with sexually mature LGBTQ themes.

EDITORIAL: D-20 library books groom children for sex

(Oct 2023 – The Gazette) Books in Colorado Springs District 20 school libraries attempt to groom children for sexual predators. Parents have been concerned about it — and faculty and administrators have been aware of it — at least since the pandemic. With ballots going out today, voters can fix it.

Controversy erupts in Jefferson County after the teachers union tells educators to destroy evidence of student surveys regarding gender identity

(Sep 2023 – CBS) Some parents in Jefferson County say teachers are breaking state and federal laws and their union is helping them get away with it.

Suspect apprehended following potential threat against Liberty High School online

(Sep 2023 – KRDO) Monday afternoon, Liberty High School and Timberview Middle School went on lockout following a potential threat made against the high school. The Academy District 20 schools initially went in a lockout just before 12 p.m.

District 20 middle school employee accused of sexually assaulting a child, placed on leave

(Aug 2023 – KRDO) A police investigation is underway after an Academy District 20 staff member at a middle school was charged with crimes related to sexual assault of a child. According to a press release from, the district learned on Monday, Aug. 28 that a staff member had been arrested. The suspect, identified as Jose Garcia, is a custodian at Mountain Ridge Middle School and has worked in district schools since 2019.

Colorado Springs-area students’ test scores trail statewide averages

(Aug 2023 – The Gazette) Of the 17 school districts in the area, just two — Colorado Springs School District 11 and Widefield School District 3 — saw improvements in both math and English this year.

Colorado elementary teacher kicks student, 12, out of class for wearing a ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Gadsden flag

(Aug 2023 – DailyMail) A Colorado schoolboy has been kicked out of class for having a Gadsden Flag patch on his backpack – despite the governor calling it a ‘proud symbol of the American revolution’.

Library Board in Wyoming FIRES Library Director over refusal to remove obscene books for children

(Aug 2023 – MassResistance) Most Library Boards around the country refuse to protect children from obscene materials that their library staff brings in. Others want to protect children but are afraid. However, more are beginning to step up and take action.

Nonprofit Watchdog Investigates Biden Admin’s Push For ‘Vulgar Gender-Extremist Books’ in Schools

(Jul 2023 – Epoch Times) Nonprofit legal foundation America First Legal (AFL) is investigating the Biden Education Department’s decision to appoint a “coordinator” at the agency, a move said to be aimed at trampling parental rights and promoting “vulgar gender-extremist books” in classrooms.

Teachers’ union boss joins ‘banned book’ tour giving away free graphic porn to kids

(Jul 2023 – LifeSite) The head of one of the largest teachers’ unions in the United States is promoting a “banned bookmobile” tour giving away to children books containing pornographic images.

Academy District 20 to put banned books back on the shelf ahead of new school year

(Jul 2023 – KRDO) After taking two books some parents claimed were sexually explicit off of District 20 shelves last semester, the district will be putting them back in school libraries.

Library group’s ‘intellectual freedom’ director tells libraries how to censor Christian story hours

(Jul 2023 – Just The News) The American Library Association, which regularly denounces what it claims to be “censorship” and “book banning”, is offering guidance to public libraries on how to prevent events like an upcoming one by leading Christian children’s book publisher and marquee author Kirk Cameron from taking place.

Utah school district restores Bible to school libraries following outrage

(June 2023 – Just The News) A Utah school district that previously removed the Holy Bible from its middle and elementary school shelves has reversed course and will return the Christian sacred text to those schools following public outcry.

Note from TakeBackD20: Recently, a local activist & failed politician also demanded the removal of the Bible from Academy District 20 schools in retaliation for books with grotesque content being removed from libraries.

Guest Column: How DEI is destroying trust and unity within the ranks

(Jun 2023 – The Gazette) The military is supposed to be an impartial actor for the commander in chief. Our occupation and work environment are supposed to be devoid of political agendas and the influence of radicals. And yet, anywhere one looks, the radical liberal and, dare I say, communist propaganda has infiltrated our ranks, classrooms, and even the minds of future officers.

Pride Month and Why Schools Are Sexualizing Children

(Jun 2023 – Townhall) Speaking of asking why, since it is “Pride Month,” why not stop and ask why our kids are being hypersexualized at school? We have experienced a cultural revolution over the last three years with the ferocious expansion of the trans and gender ideology agenda, particularly in K-12 public schools. 

Colorado teachers union adopts anti-capitalist polemic

(May 2023 – The Gazette) The Colorado Education Association, which represents more than 39,000 K-12 teachers, support professionals and higher education staffers, held its assembly in April and passed this resolution: “The CEA believes that capitalism inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor, and resources. Capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality.”

Controversy after superintendent sides with some District 20 parents wanting some books removed

(May 2023 – KRDO) Three books were removed from school libraries in Academy District 20 after some concerned parents emailed the superintendent. According to D20, Superintendent Tom Gregory received an email on April 27, 2023, from a group of parents about reportedly “vulgar language” and sexually explicit content in the three books found in multiple schools.

CO Springs School District Bans Books

(May 2023 – Colorado Times Recorder) Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs has removed three books from school libraries after receiving a letter from members of a conservative activist group that claims the books meet the legal definition of obscenity, according to emails obtained by a Colorado Open Records Act Request. 

Note from TakeBackD20: We challenge visitors to locate “Slaughterhouse Five” amongst the books listed on this site (a little hint: you won’t). Do your own research and read every book for yourself (as we have…each one) before taking the word of agenda-based radicals at face value.

Parents have the right to dispute pornography in schools

(May 2023 – The Gazette) If this content isn’t appropriate for nightly newscasts, how is it appropriate in a middle school library? The obvious answer: it isn’t.

Former D20 student accused of planning attacks on three campuses

(Apr 2023 – KOAA) ELBERT COUNTY — A former District 20 student is facing attempted murder charges on allegations of planning attacks on three schools in Colorado Springs, according to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. 19-year-old William Whitworth who identifies as “Lilly” has been charged with felony criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree and misdemeanor interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions, menacing, and criminal mischief. 

Colorado’s Rocky Horror Picture Show

(March 22, 2023 – Parents Know Best) Some have heard the horror stories coming out of Colorado K-12 government schools particularly when it comes to identity. Colorado may be considered one of the most radical states in the nation with its malevolent agenda to remake other people’s children.

Court Gives Conservative ‘Mama Bears’ the Last Laugh, Brutally Punishes School Board Trying to Keep Porn Stash Hidden

(Feb 2023 – The Western Journal) A federal court ordered the Forsyth, Georgia, County School District to pay the legal fees of the group calling themselves the Mama Bears, who sued the district when officials barred them from reading from the disgusting books during board meetings.

EDITORIAL: Book bans for me but not for thee

(Feb 2023 – The Gazette) Despite platitudes against “book bans,” all libraries censor books. No library contains every book ever written. Shelving decisions include factors of space limitations, budgets and content. Impassioned left-versus-right sociopolitical division has book-banning conflicts raging throughout the country. Two years ago, school librarians axed six Dr. Seuss books for potentially offensive portrayals of people.

Colorado Springs school board denies considering LGBTQ+ segregation, transgender bathroom policy at meeting

(Dec 2022 – The Gazette) “Our libraries are replete with books that, if you start picking at the scab, you’re going to find full of bias, full of horse shit, whatever,” Temby said. “It’s starting now, but where does it end? Because we’re offended, because it doesn’t meet our ideology, or we think it’s outrageous is our problem … This is a dangerous precedent.”

Superintendent is retiring after Colorado school board president urged parents to search schools for “objectionable material”

(Oct 2022 – The Colorado Sun) Parents and educators in El Paso County’s largest school district are calling for the Academy District 20 board president to resign amid clashes over the role of parents and politics in schools.

Book banning in Academy School District 20: Censorship or diligence?

(Aug 2019 – The Gazette) Academy School District 20 leaders removed a “young adult” book from a middle school library in an act of censorship or diligence, depending on whom you ask. An appeal to lift the ban on “Perfect Chemistry,” by Simone Elkeles, from the library at Challenger Middle School was denied, setting a dangerous precedent, said James LaRue, director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom, a unit of the Chicago-based American Library Association.