Now, let’s be honest, just how idiotic did the above statement sound to you, too?

Nevertheless… that’s exactly what “progressive” activists in Academy District 20 said after D20 candidate (now board member) Derrick Wilburn read from Push (available in DCC and Rampart High School), This Book is Gay (available in Rampart and Pine Creek High School), and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (available in Aspen Valley Junior High, Chinook Trail, DCC, Eagleview Mountain Ridge, Timberview Middle Schools, Aspen Valley, DCC, Liberty, Pine Creek, Rampart High Schools, and Electronically).

Talk about fabricated outrage.

Never mind that Academy District 20 is disparagingly violating multiple Colorado and federal laws by distributing hundreds of other books like these three to schoolchildren (including elementary-aged). The material very often includes unnecessarily provocative and suggestive statements for shock value under idiotic assertions like provoking thought and inclusivity.

To put it into context, these dimwits protested that Derrick, a black man, had the audacity to complain that a middle school book included a character making a racist joke that “Indians are living proof that niggers fuck buffalo”.

After the same event, several white progressives (including former board member Heather Cloninger) thought it appropriate to confront Derrick about his transgressions.

In what they clearly believed to be a “gotcha” opportunity, they created videos (like the one at the top of this page); berated him publicly at future events; and called him a plethora of names – to include, ironically, a “child predator”.

Make no mistake – these attacks will continue despite their recent significant losses in school board elections across. In fact, it’s more likely they will increase. But, understand who the real predators, groomers, and perverts are (see below).