The following is a comprehensive list of books of concern (awaiting full review) which have been identified as available within an Academy District 20 school library for students to check out. The majority of these books have been challenged by parents across the United States for having content promoting “woke”, hyper-sexual, racist, and various other debunked concepts.

Book TitleRating Additional Notes
A quick & easy guide to they/them pronouns1 – Child GuidancePage 32: “However, when you outright refuse to use a person’s correct pronouns, it’s rude, selfish, and lazy.”
Alice Austen Lived Here1 – Child GuidancePage 4: “’Why do you keep calling them she anyway? How do you know what pronouns a statue uses?”
Biology (Miller & Levine)1 – Child GuidancePage 179: We now know that sex is not a binary state, with just two defined outcomes. Because of the complexity of the genes and proteins involved in sex determination, many variations exist. Some individuals are born with intermediate sexual (“intersex”) characteristics, or even with anatomical features that do not match an individual’s sense of their own gender (“transgender” indvidiuals). Sex determination is an active area of research that should yield a more sophisticated understanding in years to come.
Black is a rainbow color1 – Child GuidancePage: Picture of protestors and signs in background – one mentioning BLACK LIVES MATTER.
Blended1 – Child GuidancePage 99: “Guns only create more problems.”
Can I touch your hair?1 – Child GuidancePage 7: “Now I’m stuck with Iren? She hardly says anything. Plus she’s white.”
Class act1 – Child GuidancePage 61: “I don’t like the way that guys is looking at us. I’m calling the Police!”
Dying of whiteness1 – Child GuidancePage 5: I met many people like Trevor over the course of my research. People who were dying in various overt or invisible ways as a result of political beliefs or systems linked to the defense of white “ways of life” or concerns about minorities or poor people hoarding resources.
Goodnight Racism1 – Child Guidance…some kids do not have food, do not have beds because of unfair rules and unjust treatment.
I am Jazz1 – Child GuidancePage 8: “I have a girl brain but a boy body. This is called transgender. I was born this way!”
If you come softly1 – Child GuidancePage 136: “…holding hands when these white boys started acting stupid- saying stuff like “jungle fever” and “who turned out the lights?”
It Feels Good To Be Yourself1 – Child GuidancePage 3: She is a transgender girl. That means when she was born, everyone thought she was a boy.
Julian is a Mermaid1 – Child GuidancePage 28: Julian, depicted in his curtain skirt with long train with makeshift tail and headdress, looks up at Abuela whom is handing him two pearl necklaces. The text at the bottom of the page reads: “For me Abuela?” “For you, Julian.”
Marvin Redpost, is he a girl?1 – Child GuidancePage 38: “What’s wrong with turning into a girl?” asked the voice. “Girls are better than boys. Girls are smarter. Prettier. Braver. Girls can have ponytails. Pigtails. Bangs. Grils can wear sparkles on their clothes.”
My rainbow1 – Child GuidancePage 11: “People don’t care if cisgender girls like you have short hair. But it’s different for transgender girls. I need long hair!”
New kid1 – Child GuidancePage: [DEPICTION two black children in background looking at black child in forefront. Black child in forefront has head in shape of Oreo cookie] Boy 1: “Why do they call him Maury-o?” Boy 2: “I heard ’cause it rhymes with ‘Oreo.’ But I still don’t get it.” Boy 1: “Oh…I do…Unfortunately.” [side note: ‘Oreo’ is a derogatory reference for a black person who acts like a white person – “black on the outside, white on the inside”.]
Protesting Police Violence in Modern America1 – Child GuidancePage 15: Systemic racism also plays a role. Systemic racism is when systems are in place that put people of certain races at a disadvantage.
Rick1 – Child GuidancePage 25: “’I’m a girl. A transgender girl. I wanted to come to school as myself last year, but my mom said I should wait for a fresh start in middle school.’”
Stamped1 – Child GuidancePage XV: “I did not fully realize that the only thing extraordinary about White people is that they think something is extraordinary about White people.”
Stamped (for kids)1 – Child GuidancePage 28: “In 1776 America was doubling down on owning people, but didn’t want to be owned by Great Britain.”
Steal This Country1 – Child GuidanceFront & Back Covers: “A handbook for resistance, persistence, and fixing almost everything…Steal This Country equips concerned, questioning readers with a tangible sense of continuity and tools to better understand intersecting movements (Nate Powell)…Steal This Country is a real-world action plan for young citizens with a conscience (Carl Hiaasen).”
The Belles1 – Child GuidancePage: His hands find their way under my skirts…I kick him and escape to the opposite side of the treatment table. He jumps at me again and presses me against the wall. He kisses my neck and smells my hair.
The history of racism in America1 – Child GuidancePage 33: Many people think that racism is a thing of the past. But people of color are still treated differently under US law than white people.
The Lotterys plus one1 – Child GuidancePage 185: “‘Why did you name her Brian, for the love of God?’ he demands. ‘It was actually Briar,’ says Sumac, ‘but she changed it when she was three.’”
The pants project1 – Child GuidancePage 17: “I’d spent a lot of time googling on the laptop (and them making sure to delete my search history, even though I was 99 percent sure the moms wouldn’t know how to check it anyway).”
The witch boy1 – Child GuidancePage 72: The illustration on the bottom-right-side of the page depicts a teenage male sitting on the edge of a bed, talking to a teenage female. The male is telling the girl, “It’s a girl thing. But…I really like it. It’s not like I can just…not do it.”
We Are Here to Stay1 – Child GuidanceChapter 5, Under My Shadow: “However, it’s taken society such a long, long time to adjust to the fact that people are born gay, not made gay.”
White Fragility1 – Child GuidancePage 73: “The simplistic idea that racism is limited to individual intentional acts committed by unkind people is at the root of virtually all white defensiveness on this topic.”
After2 – Teen GuidancePage 146: “His muscles strong and safe, his hands gentle. His lips touching her face, her lips touching his. She lies back, pulls him over her. Their eyes, so much there. Their hearts beating, their breaths matching, only fabric between them. Her hands. Stroking his hair, his cheek, his back. Her eyes close then, her mind turns off. She lets herself fall away. Lets her body take over.”
All American boys2 – Teen GuidancePage 11: “Two weeks after I graduated from high school, my father came to me and said, ‘The only people who are going to live in this house are people I’m making love to.’”
All the bright places2 – Teen GuidancePage 26: “My cousin Stacey, who goes to New Castle, says she and a friend were in Chicago and he was playing this club and he totally hooked up with both of them.”
Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging2 – Teen GuidancePage 68: ”I lay on my arm until it went numb and then I lifted it (with the nonnumb arm) onto my breasts. I wanted to see what it felt like to have a strange hand on them.”
Attack of the Black Rectangles2 – Teen GuidancePage 84: “The patriarchy is everywhere! It’s a system! We live inside of it. Adults, kids.” Marci points to the blob of younger kids walking ahead of us. “They all live inside of it, too. It never ends!”
Before We Disappear2 – Teen GuidancePage 178: “How?” he asked, finally. “How is it possible?” “God,” I said. “God’s a con.”
Being Jazz2 – Teen GuidancePage 12: “…My little penis felt so wrong on me. I wished I could take the sponge and wipe it off, and behind it I’d magically find a ‘gagina’ like what my sister and my mom had.”
Better Nate than ever2 – Teen GuidancePage 250: Little Bill had a male porno magazine…So now the rumor is burning through school that little Bill has a secret gay crush on big Bill.
Beyond magenta2 – Teen GuidancePage 81: “He’s going to want to have sex with a trans girl, to see what it’s like, but at the end of the day, he’s going to put the ring on the genetic female.”
Boy meets boy2 – Teen GuidancePage 8: “I’ve always known I was gay, but it wasn’t confirmed until I was in kindergarten. It was my teacher who said so.”
Boy2girl2 – Teen GuidancePage 53: Matthew sent me an e-mail later that night. It read “OFFICIAL SAM NOW BOY2GIRL.”
Bruja born2 – Teen GuidancePage: “I extend my arm over Maks’s torso. I drag the blade from my palm, up my forearm, and stop at the inside of my elbow. My blood falls in a red river, running across the muscles of his chest like water around mountains.”
Can’t take that away2 – Teen GuidancePage 7: “‘I got you something,’ Mr. Kelly pulls out his desk drawer. ‘My husband and I were in West Village last weekend and came across these.’ He walks over and places a rainbow velvet pouch on my desk. ‘The shop owner is genderqueer too, and they explained how they made these for other genderqueer people to express their gender identity on any given day.’”
Cemetery boys2 – Teen GuidancePage 16: “Yadriel had spent years feeling misunderstood by everyone except for Maritza. When he had told her he was trans three years ago, she hadn’t batted an eye.”
Check Please Hockey Book 12 – Teen GuidancePage 9: “You know what I like about you, Bitty? You’re a dude from the south, and you’re not a bigoted dickfaced cockhole! Good for you.”
Cheer Up! Love and Pompoms2 – Teen GuidancePage: “Did you want to kiss me last night because I’m not really a girl?”
Cinderella is dead2 – Teen GuidancePage 251: “Constance turns her back to me and slips her arms out of her tunic, pulling it up over her head and tossing it to the ground. I am unable to take my eyes off her. She removes her trousers and tosses them aside. As she pivots toward me, I have to make a concerted effort to keep my mouth from falling open. A blanket of freckles covers her chest and shoulders and trickles down on to her arms like a sprinkling of stardust.”
Closer to nowhere2 – Teen GuidancePage 180: “Mom and Dad fought. A lot. Sometimes things got physical shoving scratching hitting. I saw bloodied lips and noses purple welts and bruises. After one epic battle, Dad passed out. Mom hustled me to her car.…And then he lifted his right hand. In it was a gun.”
Crown of midnight2 – Teen GuidancePage 189: And then there was only them, and skin against skin, and when they reached that moment when there was nothing more between them at all, Celaena kissed Chaol deeply and gave him everything she had.
Dear Martin2 – Teen GuidancePage 49: “IWhat if Trey is right? What if, no matter what I do, the only thing white people will ever see me as is a nig—an ‘n-word’?”
Did I mention I love you?2 – Teen GuidancePage: Tiffani hates me because I slept with Tyler, who, just to clarify, in case you forgot, is my stepbrother.
Drag teen2 – Teen GuidancePage 10: I wanted to be a drag queen-or rather a drag teen,
Drama2 – Teen GuidancePage 188: “Depiction of two young men performing in a play – One wearing a soldier outfit and the other one is wearing a red dress. They are kissing on stage.”
Dress codes for small towns2 – Teen GuidancePage 63: “You want me to find a country girl to have sex with?”
Embrace2 – Teen GuidancePage 67: “‘If you want him, you have to, you know…make a move. You need to let him know what he’s missing out on. Use your…assets.’ She meant my boobs.”
Everything you need to know about nonbinary gender identities2 – Teen GuidancePage 13: For many nonbinary people, the thought that their gender is different from their birth sex starts in childhood. Sometimes, the process of questioning gender starts at an early age.
Fable2 – Teen GuidancePage 337: “His hands found my hips, and he walked me back until my legs hit the side of the bed. I opened his jacket and pushed from his shoulders before he laid me down beneath him. His weight pressed down on top of me and I arched my back as his hands caught my legs and pulled them up around him.”
Fangirl2 – Teen GuidancePage 117: “These two girls have parents. They have a father. And he should never have to worry that they’re going to end up in a bar, debasing themselves for some pervert who still jerks off to Girls Gone Wild videos.”
Flowers in the attic2 – Teen GuidancePage 337: “…Somehow we ended up on that old mattress…And that is where he took me, and forced in that swollen, rigid male sex part of him that had to be satisfied. It drove into my tight and resisting flesh which tore and bled.”
George (Melissa)2 – Teen GuidancePage 49: “While Mom made dinner, George headed upstairs to take a bath. She took off her shirt while the tub filled, waiting until the last possible moment to take off her pants and underwear. She immersed her body in the warm water and tried not to think about what was between her legs, but there it was, bobbing in front of her.”
Ghost boys2 – Teen GuidancePage 106: “’No justice, no peace!’ They carry signs: JUSTICE FOR JEROME; BLACK CHILDREN’S LIVES MATTER; STAY WOKE; IS MY SON NEXT?
Gilded2 – Teen GuidancePage 359: “I’ve never…,” he started, his eyes tracing the lines of her face, from her brow to her chin to her swollen mouth. “Me either,” she whispered back, nervous all over again. “But I’d like to.” He exhaled and tipped his head forward, pressing their foreheads together. “Me too,” he breathed, with a bit of a chuckle. “With you.”
Gossip girl2 – Teen GuidancePage 45: “It was dark red and she usually only wore it in winter, but when you were locked in a sumptuous hotel suite with your boyfriend having constant sex, who cared what season it was?”
Heartstopper – Volume 12 – Teen GuidancePage 78: “It is true! You just heard the rumors about me and were like ‘Oh, good, there’s finally a gay boy I can safely get off with’!!”
Heartstopper – Volume 32 – Teen GuidancePage 125: “I can’t wait to do it with you one day.” “Y-yeah.” The illustration on the middle of the page depicts two young men kissing.
Heartstopper – Volume 42 – Teen GuidancePage 280: The illustration on the bottom of the page depicts a young man and a transgender woman kissing with the transgender woman sitting across the young man’s lap.
Heir of fire2 – Teen GuidancePage 449: The cold air nipped at her bare breasts, a bite that was nothing compared to the terror and agony as a whip cracked and –
How I resist2 – Teen GuidancePage 79: “And the same dirty-ass Uncle Sam that was giving out cash, land, and pursuits of happiness to our fairer skinned siblings while fondling us inappropriately behind closed doors.”
If I was your girl2 – Teen GuidancePage 307: “It was going to be hard. I was going to have to pretend to be a boy for a little while longer.”
Infinity son2 – Teen GuidancePage 55: Lore has the life I want, and they rose to internet fame pretty quickly: they initially went viral when they campaigned to become their school’s first-ever Korean American genderqueer class president, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps;…
It’s so amazing!2 – Teen GuidancePage 23: The illustration on the bottom-right-side of the page depicts and erect penis with white spray coming out of the tip of the tip. There are conversation bubbles around the spray which read: “Wow!” “Yahoo!” and “Yippee
LGBTQ rights2 – Teen Guidance
Light it up2 – Teen GuidancePage 226: White people: We matter most! We deserve preferential treatment! Cops: You have the right to express your opinion. Here’s a permit. Black people: We want equality! We deserve justice! Cops: You’re out of control. Here’s a bullet.
Lily and Dunkin2 – Teen GuidancePage 36: “But it’s not who I am. Every day, every single minute of every single day, I know that I…am…a…girl.” …”The hormone blockers. Remember I told you about them? I have to get started on them now or else-“
Long way down2 – Teen GuidanceShe opened her purse, dug around, pulled out a wallet, unfolded it, turned it toward me to flash a photo like white people on movies when they want to show off their kids.
Making a play2 – Teen GuidanceNo guy would walk over her, and she scared me just a little.
The intensity. I doubted she was used to guys turning down her offer of sex.
Meet cute2 – Teen GuidancePage 72: All the “dates” Alexa had ever been on (she used the term loosely) had involved the computer lab or peanut M&M’s or sex; or on a good night, all three.
Melissa (George)2 – Teen GuidancePage 23: “George hated the boys’ bathroom. It was the worst room in the school. She hated the smell of pee and bleach, and she hated the blue tiles on the wall to remind you where you were, as if the urinals didn’t make it obvious enough. The whole room was about being a boy, and when boys were in there, they liked to talk about what was between their legs.”
Middle School’s a Drag2 – Teen GuidancePage 16: “I’m not a mister,” he says, resting his hands on his knees. “I’m Coco Caliente, Mistress of Madness and Mayhem.”…”It’s my stage name,” he says with a pointed look like I might have offended him. “My boy name is Julian.”
Not Otherwise Specified2 – Teen GuidancePage 8: “Something you can eat? You mean like a penis?” Did you miss the part where the heteros make our life shit? “Bitch” is sexist gendered language and I’m pretty disgusted you decided to wear it right over your tits.”
On the bright side, I’m now the girlfriend of a sex god2 – Teen GuidancePage 119: ”I’m only having a bath. Naked. I’m surprised Mr. and Mrs. Next Door don’t pop in for a bit of a look.”
Optimists Die First2 – Teen GuidancePage 145: …We started kissing again. I slid off his underwear. He slid off mine. “Are we doing what I think we’re doing?” he asked. “I’d like to give it a try.”
Pet2 – Teen GuidancePage 87: “They’d done their best to tear apart entire structures, things that made monsters. “We must kill the structures all the way to their roots,” the angels had said, “and only then will Lucille be safe.”
Queen of shadows2 – Teen GuidancePage 906: “…Who was the one who abandoned her the first time a pretty human thing opened her legs-“
Race and Policing in Modern America2 – Teen GuidancePage 15: A person’s skin color should not affect how he or she is treated by the criminal justice system. But many laws and policies affect people of color more than white people. People of color are often at a disadvantage. This is called systemic racism.
Real Live Boyfriends2 – Teen Guidanceage 101: “As we were kissing, I could tell Noel was really getting into it- you know, in the nether regions…”
Redwood and Ponytail2 – Teen GuidancePage 198: Maybe one day my boy-crazy switch will get flipped. But right now I stare, waiting for something, anything, to happen and well nothing does. My switch seems…permanently off.
Rethinking normal2 – Teen GuidancePage 187: “A couple of weeks earlier Arin and I had tried having intercourse- as in penis-invagina sex- which had been a little weird, since in our case the penis was on the female and the vagina belonged to a boy.”
Rhymes with witches2 – Teen GuidancePage 173: “‘The skank loves dick!’ the girls caroled.”
The 57 bus2 – Teen GuidancePage 46: One leaned out the window, ‘Let me suck your prick.’”
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian2 – Teen GuidancePage 119: [The illustration on this page depicts to young men talking to each other] “Did you just say books should give me a boner?”
The assassin’s blade2 – Teen GuidancePage 509: “He kissed her neck, and she arched up into him as he ran his hand down the plane of her torso, unbuttoning her tunic as he went. She didn’t want to know where he had learned to do these things.”
The Black Friend2 – Teen GuidancePage 3: You’ll notice I don’t capitalize the w in white when referring to white people, though I capitalize the B when referring to Black people. This is a personal preference, because white people are simply defined by the color of their skin, while Black people are a cultural and ethnic group.
The boy and girl who broke the world2 – Teen GuidancePage 243: I think giving someone art is just about the most intimate gift a person can give, except for maybe sex toys or something.
The Breakaways2 – Teen GuidancePage 155: Marie and Sammy are lying in bed together. Sammy says, “You’re my best friend…Can I tell you something?” “Yeah.” “I think I’m a boy.”
The deep & dark blue2 – Teen GuidancePage 173: “…AND THIS…THIS ISN’T A DISGUISE…IT’S WHO I AM.” The illustration on the bottom of the page depicts a young man in a blue dress with tears running down his face. He is clenching his dress.
The music of what happens2 – Teen GuidancePage: “As if we’re a bunch of sex-starved pervs just looking for a willing hole.”
The prince and the dressmaker2 – Teen GuidancePage 44: “The seamstress asks, ‘Can I ask? Why do you wear girl clothes?’ Prince Sebastian replies, ‘Some days I look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘That’s me, Prince Sebastian! I wear boy clothes and look like my father. Other days it doesn’t feel right at all. Those days I feel like I’m actually…a princess.’”
The Sacrifice of Darkness2 – Teen GuidancePage 95: The illustration on the bottom-left side of the page depicts a young man with his left fist clenched while holding a knife in his right hand angled toward his wrist. The illustration on the bottom-right side of the page depicts a left arm held upward as a knife slices the wrist.
This is our rainbow2 – Teen GuidancePage 153: “They kind of dip and move their hips and OMG are they grinding?”
Throne of glass2 – Teen GuidancePage 217: “Is that the bargain? She opens her legs, and you keep an eye on her during practice?”
Tiger eyes2 – Teen GuidancePage 149: “They’re all like that,” Jane says anyway. “They’re all out to rape Anglo girls.”
Too Bright to See2 – Teen GuidancePage 146: Uncle Roderick was transgender.
Touch2 – Teen GuidancePage 97: We were kissing and making out for real, and Shakes was touching my breasts. All that time that he and I were making out in the back of the bus.
TTYL2 – Teen Guidance“SnowAngel: well, she said that margaret…er…ejaculates. Mad.
Twisted2 – Teen GuidancePage 47: Bethany sucked some frosting off her finger and moaned. The moan woke up my trouser snake (Down, boy! Down, I say!) so I wandered up to the kitchen to get some forks and paper towels and room to breathe.
Two boys kissing2 – Teen GuidancePage 69: “There are moments where Harry is so revved up, is so horny, that he’d sleep with just about anything.”
Uncomfortable conversations with a Black Boy2 – Teen GuidancePage 16: You are going to have to learn how to move beyond being not racist, or ‘seeing everybody equally,’ to being anti-racist (a term that’s been around for decades, but was recently made popular by scholar Ibram X. Kendi).
We Are Not Yet Equal2 – Teen GuidancePage 3: “The trigger for white rage, inevitably, is black advancement.”
We are the ants2 – Teen GuidancePage 28: “I’m not going to lie: it made me want to masturbate.”
We rise, we resist, we raise our voices2 – Teen GuidancePage 34: I could not see Papi’s face; the cop with his knee on Papi’s back smashed it into the pavement as he grabbed a fistful of Papi’s hair. All I could see were Papi’s jeans and his construction boots.
What my mother doesn’t know2 – Teen GuidancePage 46: Sometimes on chilly nights I stand close to my bedroom window, unbutton my nightgown, and press my breasts against the cold glass just so I can see the amazing trick that my nipples can do.
When I Was the Greatest2 – Teen GuidancePage 75: People on pay phones and the smell of burnt halal meat and dog mess. No white people.
Woke2 – Teen GuidancePage 40: When a person has privilege, it is a toolbox they were born with, hammers and nails that make it easier for them to walk through the world because the world, in all it’s beauty and excitement and variety, can still be a very hard place in which to live.
Zenobia July2 – Teen GuidancePage 82: “Hormone blockers. Well that wasn’t so bad. She could take a pill.”
A good idea3 – Minor RestrictedPage 46: The same boys who fucked her in the backseats of their cars, late at night after they’d dropped off their unwaveringly chaste girlfriends, always ignored her in the halls the next day.
A Lesson in Vengeance3 – Minor RestrictedPage 362: A murmur in my ear: Meet me in the bathroom. I want to fuck you.
All out3 – Minor RestrictedPage 27: I would let me breasts lay against his skin…I lifted my red poncho and my shirt, and I showed the men my breasts.
All the Things We Do in the Dark3 – Minor RestrictedPage 4: I had a “good” rape. The kind where I was young enough that it was definitely not my fault. I was not sexy enough for people to think I might have secretly wanted it. My rape was committed by a psycho-stranger-bad-man-not-anybody-nice-we-know.
Allegedly3 – Minor RestrictedPage 132: “Some nasty fat girl who can’t read, getting raped by her daddy every night and cumming because of it?”
Almost perfect3 – Minor RestrictedPage 102: “Now my mental images of her naked body filled me with horror. Big, hairy balls. An eight-inch cock. Flat, hairy chest and hairy back. And I had kissed her. No, not her. Him.”
Anger is a gift3 – Minor RestrictedPage 227: “I don’t know,” Moss said, leaning into Javier. “Maybe you just wanted me for sex. We’re gay men. That’s not exactly an unbelievable suggestion.”
Ask the passengers3 – Minor RestrictedPage 152: “She grabs my hair and twists it. She squeezes my hips, and I put my right hand up her shirt and touch her through her bra and then slide my index finger around her waistband. Just a little.”
Burned3 – Minor RestrictedPage 122: “…Then he slid his hands around the front of me, lifting my breasts and touching my nipples. I wouldn’t let him go under my blouse, but even over my clothes, the way he made my body feel is hard to describe. Alive.”
Chosen3 – Minor RestrictedPage 253: “I rocked against him, thinking about heat and blood and nothing but Loren…Loren…Loren-“
Clockwork Princess3 – Minor RestrictedPage 417: “Her hand curved about his waist, thumb flicking against his hipbone, drawing him down. He slid down over her, slowly, elbows resting on either side of her shoulders. Their eyes met, held; they were touching all along their bodies,”
Concrete rose3 – Minor RestrictedPage 137: “I help her get out that dress, and she help me get my pants off. We both down to nothing when we slide under her covers. I’m ready to put it down…’If you pull out before you—’”
Crank3 – Minor RestrictedPage 101: “Wha’ the fuck you up to, Buddy? …You two been messing’ around? …Okay then. Fix me a line.”
Eleanor & Park3 – Minor RestrictedPage 174: “i know you’re a slut you smell like cum.”
Emergency contact3 – Minor RestrictedPage 62: “…Do you have sexual feelings for your former uncle by marriage?”
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close3 – Minor RestrictedPage 275: She undid my belt and unzipped my pants, she reached her hand under my underpants, ‘I’m nervous’, I said by smiling, ‘It’s OK’.”
Fade3 – Minor RestrictedPage 190: “Wang grabs her nipple in his mouth, she stabs him in the eyeballs.”
Fallout3 – Minor RestrictedPage 25: “The scent fuels my hunger for her body. I want to own it, merge with it, become part of her. Hurry, she urges. But the tease is almost the best part of the game, so I bring her close and closer with my hands and mouth and finally I am inside her.”
Felix ever after3 – Minor RestrictedPage 309: “…He sits up, crosses his legs. ‘Are you nervous because- I mean, I looked up how to have sex with trans guys-‘”
Flamer3 – Minor RestrictedPage 22: “What’s wrong, Navarro? I thought you like a big sausage in your mouth! Haha!”
Gabi, a girl in pieces3 – Minor RestrictedPage 21: “But now that she opened her legs and had a good time, the one who is going to have to deal with everything is her mom.”
Gingerbread3 – Minor RestrictedPage: I though, Aaron and his little swimmers beter watch out when Rhonda lisBETH’s biological clock strikes midnight…
Girl in translation3 – Minor RestrictedPage 250: He must have taken care of the condoms somehow and then suddenly he was inside me. I gasped, but it hadn’t hurt as much as I’d expected it to and then I couldn’t think at all anymore.
Glass3 – Minor RestrictedPage 430: Trey throws back the shower curtain. Are you getting in here or what? He moves to the back, helps me climb in past his soapy body. Hot, soothing water falls all around me, and the herbal scent of shampoo fills my nostrils. Trey snakes my body with slick, lathered arms.
Go ask Alice3 – Minor RestrictedPage 41: “Well, last night it happened. I am no longer a virgin!…I wonder if sex without acid could be so exciting, so wonderful, so indescribable.”
Grown3 – Minor RestrictedPage 203: “‘Korey!’ I scream, diving toward his pillows, and turn on the light. ‘What the fuck?’ Korey roars…as Amber’s head pops up from under the covers. …I back away, noticing a used condom on the floor by the bed.”
Heroine3 – Minor RestrictedPage 29: “…Can I rub your back? How about your vagina?”
How it all blew up3 – Minor RestrictedPage 126: “‘Sembra che tu stia succhiando un cazzo quando lo dici. Gorrrrgonnnzzzoolllllaaaaa,’ he stretched out the word and made a sexual gesture with his hand and mouth.”
I am not your perfect Mexican daughter3 – Minor RestrictedPage 68: “She said he crammed his tongue inside her mouth all nasty and she could feel his penis against her leg.”
I’ll give you the sun3 – Minor RestrictedPage 294: “Guys do that. They do. Whole baseball teams do it. Circle jerks, that’s what it’s called, you know?”
Impulse3 – Minor RestrictedPage 258: She gives me this great smile and I wonder, for maybe the thousandth time, what’s under her short little skirt….Eyes closed, I find her there in the dark, hands like silk, the kind you want to wear close to your most private places. Hands to Guide Little boys to exactly those places they want to see, to touch, to taste…My main ambition, once I leave here, is getting laid by some gorgeous older women.
Jay’s Gay Agenda3 – Minor RestrictedPage 15: There was constant talk from the girls about stubble rashes and when to say the L-word or how to give blow jobs without teeth, so the ideas for what could happen when I met this fantasy gay became a little more…intimate.
Juliet takes a breath3 – Minor RestrictedPage 15: “”I said you lookin’ mad good,” he repeated, his breath harsh on my neck. “I’m gay and not interested,” I blurted out. “That’s a damn shame. Maybe you just need this good D right here,” he said as he grabbed his crotch. He stared at me and gave himself a good up and down stroke.
L8r, g8r3 – Minor RestrictedPage 174: “he’s gonna blow his wad again? Prematurely, I mean?”
Leah on the offbeat3 – Minor RestrictedThey actually barely touch each other in school, probably because people are prehistoric dickwads about gay stuff. But Simon and Bram text and eyefuck all day long, like they can’t even go five minutes without contact.
Lies, knives and girls in red dresses3 – Minor RestrictedPage 1: We were always close. As girls we lay in bed kissing and pretending one of us was the prince…Even in tatters Ella was desirable- a little thigh showing here, some soot at her cleavage. And what a tease- dashing way at midnight leaving the heir to the throne groaning in his purple tights.
Looking for Alaska3 – Minor RestrictedPage 107: “Did I tell you that Jake is hung like a horse and a beautiful, sensual lover?”
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl3 – Minor RestrictedPage 59: “Are you gonna eat her pussy?”
Monday’s not coming3 – Minor RestrictedPage 194: “…She did your homework and you ate her coochie!…”
More happy than not3 – Minor RestrictedPage 29: It’s more like her body twists and I catch her under her arms but her legs drop and skid back, and now her face is facing my dick, and it’s awkward because she’s never seen it.
Not My Problem3 – Minor RestrictedPage 128: “I’m always tits deep,” she said absently. “I walk around brushing work off my nipples on a twenty-four seven basis.”
One man guy3 – Minor RestrictedPage: “He was my first everything, Ethan paused for emphasis. We’d been together for months and we were going at it real strong” – [speaking of sex with his live in college boyfriend when he was 15 years old.]
Ramona Blue3 – Minor RestrictedPage 91: Everyone in the living room is grinding their baby-makers together, while the dining room is reserved for drinking games, and all the people on the patio are either passing around blunts or gathering around tall bongs.
Rumble3 – Minor RestrictedPage 81: “Why in the hell is everyone suddenly so interested in my sex life? Mom’s positive I’m getting some, you’re sure I’m not. And Marshall thinks I need pharmaceuticals to masturbate.”
Scars3 – Minor RestrictedPage 139: “I understand that. Fucking boys numbs me, too…”
Shout3 – Minor RestrictedPage 137: “He never fondled, never hit on any of us students, that old man, but still he left his class feeling a little dirty.”
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda3 – Minor RestrictedPage 301: “He pulls me in closer and kisses me urgently. And suddenly, I’m hard, and I know he is too”
Smoke3 – Minor RestrictedPage 459: “I walked in just as Caleb put the head of the bat against Shawn’s mouth. ‘You want to suck on something big and hard?’ he yelled. ‘Suck on this.’”
Speak3 – Minor RestrictedPage 243: The illustration on the top of the page depicts a couple kissing. The woman is pushing the man’s right shoulder back as his right hand is reaching under her shirt toward her left breast.
Spinning3 – Minor RestrictedPage 288: “Tillie is sitting across a table from a young man looking at a laptop. The illustrations on the middle of the page depict the young man turning his laptop around to show Tillie the nude woman kneeling with her left arm behind her head.”
The art of racing in the rain3 – Minor RestrictedPage 52: “It seemed so odd to me because they hadn’t mounted or even played with each other in such a long time. But there they were. He positioned himself over her and she said to him, “The field is fertile.””
The female of the species3 – Minor RestrictedPage 91: “Guys fuck other girls and think of me,” she says.
The hate u give3 – Minor RestrictedPage 389: “’This some bullshit.’ ‘Fuck!’ Seven croaks. He covers his eyes and rocks back and forth. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’…’Fuck this. Starr, whatever you wanna do, I’m down. You wanna burn some shit up, we’ll burn some shit up. Give the word.’”
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue3 – Minor RestrictedPage 110:There is no poetry to this unknown man’s grunts, no melody or harmony, save the steady noise of thrusting as he pushes himself against her. No rolling pleasure, only pressure, and pain, the tightness of one thing being forced inside another, and Addie looks up at the night sky so she won’t have to look at his body moving, and she feels the darkness looking back.
The lovely bones3 – Minor RestrictedPage 13: “Susie! Susie!” I heard my mother calling. “Dinner is ready.” He was inside me. He was grunting. “We’re having string beans and lamb.”
The opposite of innocent3 – Minor RestrictedPage 144: He sighs like he’s never felt anything so good in his life. Then suddenly he gasps, and scrunches up his face, almost like he’s in agony or something. A second later, his head drops back against the couch, and I realize he’s finished. As he sits there with his eyes closed, catching his breath, I get this weird feeling-like he’s forgotten I’m even here. And a couple pf minutes after that, his mouth falls open and he starts snoring. I turn away from him and curl up into a ball on the cushion beside him.
The Poet X3 – Minor RestrictedPage 130: In bed at night my fingers search a heat I have no name for. Sliding into a center, finding a hidden core, or stem, or maybe the root. I’m learning to caress and breathe at the same time. How to be silent and feel something grow inside me. And when it all builds up, I sink into my mattress. I feel such release. Such a relief. I feel such a shame settle like a blanket covering me head to toe. To make myself feel this way is a dirty thing, right? Then why does it feel so good?
The truth about Alice3 – Minor RestrictedPage 27: “Mark my words, man,” Brandon said, “that dude is never going to get any pussy. Ever.” “Not like you, King of All Pussy,” I said, wishing we had more beer.
The upside of unrequited3 – Minor RestrictedPage 236: “…Watching you pee and have sex and masturbate…”
The year of the flood3 – Minor RestrictedPage 30: She didn’t have any money they could seize but there were stories about female debtors being farmed out for sex. If she had to make her living on her back, she at least wanted to keep the proceeds.
This is where it ends3 – Minor RestrictedPage: I don’t want him to know Tyler raped me for the same reason I don’t want Mama to know.
This one summer3 – Minor RestrictedPage 58: “Two young men are walking down an aisle and one of them says, ‘Look, it’s covered in turkey jerk off!’ The other young man replies, ‘Those are fucking sesame seeds.’”
Tower of dawn3 – Minor RestrictedPage 591: …But Yrene kissed him again, in answer and silent demand. And as Chaol began to move in her, he realized that here, amongst the dunes and stars…
Traffick3 – Minor RestrictedPage 30: . I begged him to stop but he choked me until I almost blacked out. I wore the marks from his fingers for many days. I had no fight left then, and he threw me on the bed, made me his wife for real. When he finished, he sent
five friends to break me in better.
Unravel me3 – Minor RestrictedPage 98: He’s breathing harder now, leaning into me, resting his forehead against my shoulder. He places his hands flat against the center of my stomach, only to inch them down my body, slowly, so slowly and I gasp.”
Wait, what?3 – Minor RestrictedPage 20: MASTURBATION IS HEALTHY AND NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF. …It’s a sex by yourself. Usually masturbation involves touching your genitals in some way, but it doesn’t have to. It’s something that almost everybody has done, and something people usually first did when they were little kids, way before they knew the word for it.
Wintergirls3 – Minor RestrictedPage 178: I took the knife out of my pocket and cut my palm, just a little. “I swear to be the skinniest girl in school, skinnier than you.”
A court of frost and starlight4 – Not for MinorsPage 273: “And I’d never been so glad for a Fae mate when he hardened again a heartbeat later, lowered me to the floor and flipped me onto my stomach, then plunged deep into me with a growling purr.”
A court of mist and fury4 – Not for MinorsPage 534: “‘If I fucked him for it, what would you do?’…’”‘You are always free to do what you want, with whomever you want. So if you want to ride him, go ahead.’”
A court of silver flames4 – Not for MinorsPage 29: “‘I’d hoped you at least changed the sheets between visitors, but apparently that doesn’t bother you.’ …He shrugged, though the tightness on his face didn’t reflect such nonchalance. ‘If I can smell a few different males in here, then surely your companions can, too.’”
A court of thorns and roses4 – Not for MinorsPage 247: “…and when I awoke a few hours later, we made love again, lazily and intently, a slow-burning smolder to the wildfire of earlier. Once we were both spent, panting and sweat-slicked, we lay in silence for a time…”
A court of wings and ruin4 – Not for MinorsPage 297: “I rolled my eyes, even as I tried to shut out the image of Rhysand laying me on my stomach, then kissing his way down my spine. Lower. Tried to shut out the feeling of his strong hands gripping my hips and lifting them up, up, until he lay beneath them and feasted on me, util I was quietly begging him and he rose behind me and I had to bite my pillow to keep from waking the whole house with my moaning.”
Beautiful4 – Not for MinorsPage 82: “He knows what it feels like to be on top of me, that I don’t move, but I am small and thin and pliable, that my breasts are the perfect size for his hand…It makes me have to come back down, feel his weight on top of me, feel him hard inside me, punching my insides.”
Call me by your name4 – Not for MinorsPage 27: “Shrugged my shoulders—and been okay with pre-come.”
Damsel4 – Not for MinorsPage 56: Reynard watched with disinterested curiosity as Emory rubbed Ama dry with the coarse wool blanket; he started with her arms, rubbed her breasts, the hard pink nubs of her nipples, her stomach, her buttocks, the fire red hair between her legs, her legs themselves.
Empire of storms4 – Not for MinorsPage 349: “The hardness of him pushed against her, and she bucked her hips, needing to grind herself against him, to do anything to ease the building ache between her legs.”
Forever4 – Not for MinorsPage 77: “Feeling him against me that way made me so excited I couldn’t lie still. He rolled over on top of me and we moved together again and again and it felt so good I didn’t ever want to stop- until I came.”
Fun home4 – Not for MinorsPage 76: The illustration on the top of the page depicts a young woman laying on a bed on her stomach in a profile view. She is holding a book with her right hand, as her left hand is inside the waistband of her pants.
Half of a yellow sun4 – Not for MinorsPage 43: “She was almost asleep when Kainene knocked. ‘So will you be spreading your legs for that elephant in exchange for Daddy’s contract?’ Kainene asked.”
Homegoing4 – Not for MinorsPage 101: “For the entire week after, his body had taken over the excuse-making for him, his penis lying limp between his legs each time he went to her.”
How beautiful the ordinary4 – Not for MinorsPage 86: “I know that you are not queer but I wondered if maybe there is some strain of queer blood in you?…it might help you to look at my pics again, especially the one in the white briefs. Tranny boy g.”
Identical4 – Not for MinorsPage 65: “I guess I could have offered descriptions o Daddy’s “privates” (his word), the way he wears his scars.…Instead, I stood by and watched father love turn to LUST.”
Jesus land4 – Not for MinorsPage 75: A few days after my twelfth birthday, he tried to kiss me…”You’re not really my sister,” he said when I stood up. At thirteen, he was already a good six inches taller than me, and a whole lot stronger. He grabbed my shoulders and tried to smash his mouth onto mine, but I averted my face and his chapped lips grazed my forehead instead.
Kingdom of ash4 – Not for MinorsPage 258: She gives me this great smile and I wonder, for maybe the thousandth time, what’s under her short little skirt. ….Eyes closed, I find her there in the dark, hands like silk, the kind you want to wear close to your most private places. Hands to Guide Little boys to exactly those places they want to see, to touch, to taste.
Last night at the Telegraph Club4 – Not for MinorsPage 342: Kath hesitated. “Are you sure?” she whispered. “Please,” Lily said, overcome. So Kath put her hand between Lily’s legs, and Lily helped her, fumbling with her underwear. It was awkward, but when Kath’s fingers touched her, they both gasped. “Am I in the right place?” Kath asked.
Let’s talk about love4 – Not for MinorsPage 22: Because she never seemed interested in touching him (see: jacking him off).
Like a love story4 – Not for MinorsPage 319: I grab Saadi by the collar of this blue Lacoste polo and I pull him close to me, and I make out with him, It’s furious. Our tongues explore each other. Then his hands are all over me, up the shiny fabric of the purple dress I designed for this party, on my thighs. His breath is heavy, and his hips are thrusting urgently.
Little & Lion4 – Not for MinorsPage 208: I breath out as he touches my breasts, first with his hands and then with his mouth. It feels so good that I moan softly, and I’m embarrassed at being so audible, but he kisses just above my naval and says my name again…He bends his head to kiss between my legs and I jerk away.
Milk and honey4 – Not for MinorsPage 15: He guts her with his fingers like he’s scraping the inside of a cantaloupe clean.
Nineteen minutes4 – Not for MinorsPage 313: “”He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.
None of the above4 – Not for MinorsPage 19: “Sam untangled himself to get a condom and when he turned back the feel of him on top of me…and then, oh my God. Pain.”
Perfect4 – Not for MinorsPage 170: “And not the hottest internet porn. Okay, probably not the best thing for me to be looking at in my spare time, but I figured anything could encourage this piece of dead wood attached to my groin, that would be it. So far, no good. No giant boobs, not girl-on-girl action, not even the vilest three-way romp I’ve ever been not-quite-disgusted to view. The damn thing just lays there, like a bored housewife.”
Perfect chemistry4 – Not for Minors“Alex”: “’I’m losing control,’ she admits, biting her lower lip. I love those lips. ‘Mamacita, I’ve already lost it,’ I say, grinding against her so she knows exactly how much control I’ve lost. She moves her hips in a slow rhythm against me, an invitation I don’t deserve.”
Shine4 – Not for MinorsPage 94: “And ‘Stay back, Candypants. My lollipop ain’t yours to suck.’ And ‘Lose the fag pants, Candypants.’”
The bluest eye4 – Not for MinorsPage 83: “That must be what it is like, she thinks, but it never happens while he is inside her. When he withdraws, she pulls her nightgown down, slips out of the bed and into the bathroom with relief.”
The DUFF4 – Not for MinorsPage 167: “No,” he said, moving my hand away. “You might not agree with blow jobs, but I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this.”
The Freedom Writer’s Diary4 – Not for MinorsPage 127: I felt his body right next to mine and his breathing got stronger and stronger. He was touching me in places I didn’t know could make me feel so dirty. I didn’t move a muscle. I made my body as hard as a rock, as he slowly slid his hand up my shirt caressing my back and the side of my breasts. He kept on trying to make me lie on
my back, but he was unsuccessful.
The girl who fell from the sky4 – Not for MinorsMaybe she heard his shoe fall to the floor, or the small noise I let out when he thrust harder to get deeper into me, dry.
The perks of being a wallflower4 – Not for MinorsPage 21: “I had a weird dream. I was with Sam. And we were both naked. And her legs were spread over the sides of the couch.”
The sun and her flowers4 – Not for MinorsPage 62: I was a hundred and ten pounds of fresh meat you skinned and gutted with your fingers like you were scraping the inside of a cantaloupe clean.
This book is gay4 – Not for MinorsPage 41: ”Gay men have slightly longer and thicker winkies. Excellent. The amygdala of gay men is more responsive to porn than those of straight men. So we have bigger dicks and we’re hornier. Jus’ sayin’. Finger-length ratios may vary between lesbians and straight women.”
Tilt4 – Not for MinorsOne night we were mostly naked and all knotted up in each other’s arms. And the time just seemed right to say, “I want to. Please.” Dylan was just so cute. Are you sure? He said it right before I stripped off my panties. And he confirmed, You’re positive? just as I pushed him inside me. I think I wanted it more than he did.
Ugly Love4 – Not for MinorsPage 108: And then I freak the hell out because Miles will see my bra and underwear tonight. And possibly touch them. If it’s part of his agenda, he might even be the one to remove them.
Water for elephants4 – Not for MinorsPage 44: She caresses herself, lifting and kneading, rolling her nipples between her fingers. She stares lasciviously down at the men, running her tongue across her upper lip. A drum roll begins. She grasps each hardened point firmly between thumb and forefinger and pulls one breast so that its nipple points at the ceiling. Its shape changes utterly as the weight redistributes. Then she drops it—it falls suddenly, almost violently.
Yolo4 – Not for MinorsPage 37: mad maddie: Angela, of course I’ve given Ian blowjobs. It’s no big deal, except that eventually yr jaw starts to hurt. SnowAngel: a tip to remember. gotcha. mad maddie: well, der! The tip’s the most sensitive part! licky like a lolly and give yr jaw a break.
Darius the Great deserves better5 – Aberrant ContentPage 253: “‘Someone’s excited,’ he whispered, and poked at the weird pooch my jeans made in the front. ‘It’s a joner,’ I whispered back, and Landon giggled.”
History is all you left me5 – Aberrant ContentPage 20: “Do I want to keep it simple, maybe let him jerk me off and I do the same for him?”
Push5 – Aberrant ContentPage 20: “She look at me like I said I wanna suck a dog’s dick or some shit.”
Tricks5 – Aberrant ContentPage 33: …In the heat of the moment, I even got hard, especially when Janet touched me, dropped onto her knees, lowered my zipper, started to do what I never suspected she knew how to do. Yes…
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FeedAwaiting Full Review
Final draftAwaiting Full Review
Finding homeAwaiting Full Review
Finnikin of the rockAwaiting Full Review
FireAwaiting Full Review
Fire Becomes HerAwaiting Full Review
Fishing dayAwaiting Full Review
Flowers for AlgernonAwaiting Full Review
Flying lessons & other storiesAwaiting Full Review
Flying the dragonAwaiting Full Review
Follow Your ArrowAwaiting Full Review
For black girls like meAwaiting Full Review
Forever HomeAwaiting Full Review
ForgedAwaiting Full Review
Forget me notAwaiting Full Review
Fourth WorldAwaiting Full Review
Freak showAwaiting Full Review
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Freedom in Congo SquareAwaiting Full Review
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Friends ForeverAwaiting Full Review
FriendshipAwaiting Full Review
Front deskAwaiting Full Review
FrostbiteAwaiting Full Review
Full cicada moonAwaiting Full Review
GallowgateAwaiting Full Review
Game changerAwaiting Full Review
Gathering BlueAwaiting Full Review
GAYBCsAwaiting Full Review
GeekerellaAwaiting Full Review
Gender identityAwaiting Full Review
Genesis Begins AgainAwaiting Full Review
Geography ClubAwaiting Full Review
Georgia Peaches and other forbidden fruitAwaiting Full Review
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GhostsAwaiting Full Review
Ghosts!Awaiting Full Review
Ghouls just want to have funAwaiting Full Review
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Girl made of starsAwaiting Full Review
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Girl with a pearl earringAwaiting Full Review
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Girls like usAwaiting Full Review
Girls made of snow and glassAwaiting Full Review
Girls of paper and fireAwaiting Full Review
Give a boy a gunAwaiting Full Review
GLBT teens and societyAwaiting Full Review
Go with the flowAwaiting Full Review
GodlessAwaiting Full Review
Going down home with DaddyAwaiting Full Review
Going ViralAwaiting Full Review
Gold wings risingAwaiting Full Review
Golden boyAwaiting Full Review
GoneAwaiting Full Review
Gone girlAwaiting Full Review
Grace and gloryAwaiting Full Review
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GracelingAwaiting Full Review
Grandmama’s prideAwaiting Full Review
Grasshopper jungleAwaiting Full Review
Grave mercyAwaiting Full Review
GravityAwaiting Full Review
GrendelAwaiting Full Review
GuardianAwaiting Full Review
Guess what?Awaiting Full Review
Hair loveAwaiting Full Review
Half a chanceAwaiting Full Review
Half badAwaiting Full Review
Half lostAwaiting Full Review
Half wildAwaiting Full Review
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Hang-ups, hook-ups, and holding outAwaiting Full Review
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Harbor MeAwaiting Full Review
Harlem’s little blackbirdAwaiting Full Review
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Heart of thornsAwaiting Full Review
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Here’s to usAwaiting Full Review
HeroesAwaiting Full Review
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Hiawatha and the PeacemakerAwaiting Full Review
HiddenAwaiting Full Review
High dramaAwaiting Full Review
Highly illogical behaviorAwaiting Full Review
Hit the roadAwaiting Full Review
Ho’onaniAwaiting Full Review
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Hold my handAwaiting Full Review
Hold stillAwaiting Full Review
Holding up the universeAwaiting Full Review
HomeAwaiting Full Review
Home at lastAwaiting Full Review
Home of the braveAwaiting Full Review
HomecomingAwaiting Full Review
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HootAwaiting Full Review
Hope nationAwaiting Full Review
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House arrestAwaiting Full Review
House of furiesAwaiting Full Review
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How many stars in the sky?Awaiting Full Review
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HungerAwaiting Full Review
HuntedAwaiting Full Review
Hurricane childAwaiting Full Review
Hurricane seasonAwaiting Full Review
I am Alfonso JonesAwaiting Full Review
I am enoughAwaiting Full Review
I am every good thingAwaiting Full Review
I am JAwaiting Full Review
I am the cheeseAwaiting Full Review
I am waterAwaiting Full Review
I hunt killersAwaiting Full Review
I know why the caged bird singsAwaiting Full Review
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I was born for thisAwaiting Full Review
I was hereAwaiting Full Review
I Was Their American DreamAwaiting Full Review
I Will Always Write BackAwaiting Full Review
I Wish You All the BestAwaiting Full Review
I’ll be the oneAwaiting Full Review
I’ll get there, it better be worth the tripAwaiting Full Review
I’m a pretty little Black girl!Awaiting Full Review
I’m an immigrant too!Awaiting Full Review
I’m pregnant, now what?Awaiting Full Review
IcemanAwaiting Full Review
If I stayAwaiting Full Review
If there’s no tomorrowAwaiting Full Review
If we were usAwaiting Full Review
If you could be mineAwaiting Full Review
Ignite meAwaiting Full Review
Imani’s moonAwaiting Full Review
In other landsAwaiting Full Review
In our mothers’ houseAwaiting Full Review
In the night kitchenAwaiting Full Review
In the role of Brie Hutchens . . .Awaiting Full Review
In the time of the butterfliesAwaiting Full Review
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InfamousAwaiting Full Review
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Just Mercy: Adapted for Young AdultsAwaiting Full Review
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King & Kayla and the case of found FredAwaiting Full Review
King & Kayla and the case of the gold ringAwaiting Full Review
King & Kayla and the case of the missing dog treatsAwaiting Full Review
King & Kayla and the case of the secret codeAwaiting Full Review
King & Kayla and the case of the unhappy neighborAwaiting Full Review
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Knocked out by my nunga-nungasAwaiting Full Review
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Land of the Cranes (La tierra de las grullas)Awaiting Full Review
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LegendAwaiting Full Review
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LGBTQ+ athletes claim the fieldAwaiting Full Review
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Literature Suppressed on Sexual GroundsAwaiting Full Review
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Lola Levine and the Halloween screamAwaiting Full Review
Lola Levine and the vacation dreamAwaiting Full Review
Lola Levine is not mean!Awaiting Full Review
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Look PastAwaiting Full Review
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Lost in the Never WoodsAwaiting Full Review
LoveAwaiting Full Review
Love & leftoversAwaiting Full Review
Love beyond body, space, and timeAwaiting Full Review
Love in the Time of Global WarmingAwaiting Full Review
Love is a many trousered thingAwaiting Full Review
Love Is the DrugAwaiting Full Review
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Magic studyAwaiting Full Review
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Making FriendsAwaiting Full Review
Making smart choices about sexual activityAwaiting Full Review
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Me and White SupremacyAwaiting Full Review
Me, Him, Them, and ItAwaiting Full Review
Medical ethicsAwaiting Full Review
Meet Cute DiaryAwaiting Full Review
Meet Me in MumbaiAwaiting Full Review
Meet Yasmin!Awaiting Full Review
Meow or NeverAwaiting Full Review
MercyAwaiting Full Review
MessengerAwaiting Full Review
Mexican whiteboyAwaiting Full Review
MichelleAwaiting Full Review
Mick Harte was hereAwaiting Full Review
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Milo Imagines the WorldAwaiting Full Review
Mindy Kim and the birthday puppyAwaiting Full Review
Mindy Kim and the Lunar New Year paradeAwaiting Full Review
Mindy Kim and the yummy seaweed businessAwaiting Full Review
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MonsterAwaiting Full Review
Monster trouble!Awaiting Full Review
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Morris Micklewhite and the tangerine dressAwaiting Full Review
MoxieAwaiting Full Review
Murder of CrowsAwaiting Full Review
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My best friendAwaiting Full Review
My brother Sam is deadAwaiting Full Review
My brother’s heroAwaiting Full Review
My familyAwaiting Full Review
My family plays musicAwaiting Full Review
My Fate According to the ButterflyAwaiting Full Review
My heart and other black holesAwaiting Full Review
My heart underwaterAwaiting Full Review
My heartbeatAwaiting Full Review
My Life as an Ice Cream SandwichAwaiting Full Review
My life next doorAwaiting Full Review
My Moms Love MeAwaiting Full Review
My most excellent yearAwaiting Full Review
My name is Sally Little SongAwaiting Full Review
My papi has a motorcycleAwaiting Full Review
My peopleAwaiting Full Review
My Two DadsAwaiting Full Review
My vida locaAwaiting Full Review
Nadia’s handsAwaiting Full Review
NarutoAwaiting Full Review
Nate expectationsAwaiting Full Review
Nectar in a SieveAwaiting Full Review
Never neverAwaiting Full Review
Nevertheless, we persistedAwaiting Full Review
NeverwhereAwaiting Full Review
NightAwaiting Full Review
Night of the zombie zookeeperAwaiting Full Review
NightshadeAwaiting Full Review
Nikki & DejaAwaiting Full Review
Niño wrestles the worldAwaiting Full Review
Ninth WardAwaiting Full Review
No girls allowedAwaiting Full Review
No way, they were gay?Awaiting Full Review
Not If I See You FirstAwaiting Full Review
Not like other boysAwaiting Full Review
Not so pure and simpleAwaiting Full Review
Not that kind of girlAwaiting Full Review
NoteworthyAwaiting Full Review
Nothing Ever Happens HereAwaiting Full Review
NotoriousAwaiting Full Review
Num8ersAwaiting Full Review
Nyxia unleashedAwaiting Full Review
Obie is man enoughAwaiting Full Review
October mourningAwaiting Full Review
Odd one outAwaiting Full Review
Of fire and starsAwaiting Full Review
Olive’s oceanAwaiting Full Review
OMG QueerAwaiting Full Review
On Mother’s lapAwaiting Full Review
On my honorAwaiting Full Review
On the come upAwaiting Full Review
On the fenceAwaiting Full Review
Once a kingAwaiting Full Review
One crazy summerAwaiting Full Review
One green appleAwaiting Full Review
One half from the eastAwaiting Full Review
One Hot SecondAwaiting Full Review
One of a kind, like me = Único como yoAwaiting Full Review
One of those hideous books where the mother diesAwaiting Full Review
One of us is lyingAwaiting Full Review
One of us is nextAwaiting Full Review
One Person No VoteAwaiting Full Review
One True WayAwaiting Full Review
Only Mostly DevastatedAwaiting Full Review
OnyxAwaiting Full Review
OpalAwaiting Full Review
Openly StraightAwaiting Full Review
Opposing viewpoints in American historyAwaiting Full Review
OppositionAwaiting Full Review
Ordinary HazardsAwaiting Full Review
OriginAwaiting Full Review
Oscar WildeAwaiting Full Review
Other words for homeAwaiting Full Review
Our Own Private UniverseAwaiting Full Review
Out of DarknessAwaiting Full Review
Out of the EasyAwaiting Full Review
Over the MoonAwaiting Full Review
Pandora Gets heartAwaiting Full Review
PanicAwaiting Full Review
Paper townsAwaiting Full Review
ParachutesAwaiting Full Review
ParrotfishAwaiting Full Review
Partly CloudyAwaiting Full Review
PashminaAwaiting Full Review
PatinaAwaiting Full Review
PaxAwaiting Full Review
PeanutAwaiting Full Review
Peeny butter fudgeAwaiting Full Review
Pepper’s Rules for Secret SleuthingAwaiting Full Review
Perfectly good white boyAwaiting Full Review
Picture perfectAwaiting Full Review
Piecing me togetherAwaiting Full Review
PinkAwaiting Full Review
Playing a partAwaiting Full Review
Poison studyAwaiting Full Review
Political resistance in the current ageAwaiting Full Review
Positively IzzyAwaiting Full Review
PrideAwaiting Full Review
Pride: The story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow FlagAwaiting Full Review
Prince Sacha’s Fierce, Fabulous, Fancy DayAwaiting Full Review
PrincelessAwaiting Full Review
PromposalAwaiting Full Review
ProxyAwaiting Full Review
Ptolemy’s gateAwaiting Full Review
Puddin’Awaiting Full Review
PumpkinAwaiting Full Review
PumpkinheadsAwaiting Full Review
Punching the airAwaiting Full Review
Putting makeup on the fat boyAwaiting Full Review
Queer, there and everywhereAwaiting Full Review
Quest for the sparkAwaiting Full Review
QuicksilverAwaiting Full Review
Race CarsAwaiting Full Review
Racial profilingAwaiting Full Review
Radio silenceAwaiting Full Review
Rage and ruinAwaiting Full Review
Rainbow boysAwaiting Full Review
Rainbow HighAwaiting Full Review
Rainbow RoadAwaiting Full Review
Ready or NotAwaiting Full Review
Real sisters pretendAwaiting Full Review
Real talk about sex & consentAwaiting Full Review
RecklessAwaiting Full Review
RedAwaiting Full Review
RedeemedAwaiting Full Review
RefugeeAwaiting Full Review
Reluctantly AliceAwaiting Full Review
RemakeAwaiting Full Review
Remember meAwaiting Full Review
ResistAwaiting Full Review
RevealedAwaiting Full Review
ReverieAwaiting Full Review
Riding freedomAwaiting Full Review
RiftAwaiting Full Review
RiseAwaiting Full Review
Rise to the SunAwaiting Full Review
Roller girlAwaiting Full Review
Romiette and JulioAwaiting Full Review
Ron’s big missionAwaiting Full Review
RuinsAwaiting Full Review
RulesAwaiting Full Review
Rules of Attraction 2Awaiting Full Review
RunawaysAwaiting Full Review
SadakoAwaiting Full Review
Safe sex 101Awaiting Full Review
SagaAwaiting Full Review
Sam and the lucky moneyAwaiting Full Review
Sasha MashaAwaiting Full Review
SaturdayAwaiting Full Review
Save Me a SeatAwaiting Full Review
Say somethingAwaiting Full Review
Say the wordAwaiting Full Review
Scary stories to tell in the darkAwaiting Full Review
SchooledAwaiting Full Review
ScorpionsAwaiting Full Review
ScytheAwaiting Full Review
See you at Harry’sAwaiting Full Review
See you in the cosmosAwaiting Full Review
SeedfolksAwaiting Full Review
Self-made BoysAwaiting Full Review
Separate is never equalAwaiting Full Review
Shadow kissAwaiting Full Review
Shadowhouse fallAwaiting Full Review
ShadowshaperAwaiting Full Review
Shatter meAwaiting Full Review
Shattering GlassAwaiting Full Review
She loves you, she loves you not–Awaiting Full Review
Ship itAwaiting Full Review
ShiverAwaiting Full Review
ShooterAwaiting Full Review
SignalAwaiting Full Review
Silver shadowsAwaiting Full Review
Sink or swimAwaiting Full Review
Sister outsiderAwaiting Full Review
SistersAwaiting Full Review
SitAwaiting Full Review
Six of crowsAwaiting Full Review
Sixth grade can really kill youAwaiting Full Review
Skin againAwaiting Full Review
Small Great ThingsAwaiting Full Review
SmileAwaiting Full Review
Smoky nightAwaiting Full Review
SnakeheadAwaiting Full Review
SnakerootAwaiting Full Review
SnapdragonAwaiting Full Review
SnowAwaiting Full Review
So doneAwaiting Full Review
So Hard to SayAwaiting Full Review
So you’ve been publicly shamedAwaiting Full Review
Soccer starAwaiting Full Review
Sofia’s party shoesAwaiting Full Review
SoldAwaiting Full Review
Soldier boyAwaiting Full Review
SolitaireAwaiting Full Review
SoloAwaiting Full Review
Some assembly requiredAwaiting Full Review
Some girls bindAwaiting Full Review
SomedayAwaiting Full Review
Someone I used to knowAwaiting Full Review
Someone like youAwaiting Full Review
Something happened in our townAwaiting Full Review
Something to sayAwaiting Full Review
SonAwaiting Full Review
Sonar en Cubano (Dreaming in Cuban)Awaiting Full Review
Song of SolomonAwaiting Full Review
SoundlessAwaiting Full Review
Sparkle boyAwaiting Full Review
Spirit boundAwaiting Full Review
Spotlight on coding club!Awaiting Full Review
SproutAwaiting Full Review
Stage dreamsAwaiting Full Review
StainedAwaiting Full Review
Stamped from the BeginningAwaiting Full Review
Star-crossedAwaiting Full Review
StarfishAwaiting Full Review
Starla JeanAwaiting Full Review
Starry River of the SkyAwaiting Full Review
StarstruckAwaiting Full Review
Startled by his furry shortsAwaiting Full Review
StarworldAwaiting Full Review
Staying fat for Sarah ByrnesAwaiting Full Review
Stella Brings the FamilyAwaiting Full Review
Stella Díaz has something to sayAwaiting Full Review
StickAwaiting Full Review
Still Life with TornadoAwaiting Full Review
Stolen childrenAwaiting Full Review
Stone cold touchAwaiting Full Review
StonewallAwaiting Full Review
Stop in the name of pants!Awaiting Full Review
Storm and furyAwaiting Full Review
StrangerAwaiting Full Review
Stuck in neutralAwaiting Full Review
Suicide notes from beautiful girlsAwaiting Full Review
SulaAwaiting Full Review
Summer loveAwaiting Full Review
Summer of saltAwaiting Full Review
Surf’s upAwaiting Full Review
Sword in the starsAwaiting Full Review
Symptoms of being humanAwaiting Full Review
Taming the star runnerAwaiting Full Review
TargetAwaiting Full Review
Tarnished Are the StarsAwaiting Full Review
Tash hearts TolstoyAwaiting Full Review
Tears of frostAwaiting Full Review
Tears We Cannot StopAwaiting Full Review
Technically, You Started ItAwaiting Full Review
Teddy’s favorite toyAwaiting Full Review
Teenage pregnancy and parentingAwaiting Full Review
Teens and sexAwaiting Full Review
Tell me again how a crush should feelAwaiting Full Review
Tell Me No LiesAwaiting Full Review
TemptedAwaiting Full Review
Tessa Masterson will go to promAwaiting Full Review
TexAwaiting Full Review
Th1rteen R3asons WhyAwaiting Full Review
Thanks A Lot UniverseAwaiting Full Review
That’s Not What HappenedAwaiting Full Review
The 5th WaveAwaiting Full Review
The amulet of SamarkandAwaiting Full Review
The art of being normalAwaiting Full Review
The art of saving the worldAwaiting Full Review
The astonishing adventures of Fanboy & Goth GirlAwaiting Full Review
The astonishing color of afterAwaiting Full Review
The autobiography of Miss Jane PittmanAwaiting Full Review
The bell jarAwaiting Full Review
The bell rangAwaiting Full Review
The benefits of being an octopusAwaiting Full Review
The Berlin Boxing ClubAwaiting Full Review
The best at itAwaiting Full Review
The best bad luck I ever hadAwaiting Full Review
The Best Little Girl in the WorldAwaiting Full Review
The Best ManAwaiting Full Review
The black kidsAwaiting Full Review
The body of Christopher CreedAwaiting Full Review
The boy & the bindiAwaiting Full Review
The boy I loveAwaiting Full Review
The boy who lost his faceAwaiting Full Review
The braceletAwaiting Full Review
The BridgeAwaiting Full Review
The Brimstone journalsAwaiting Full Review
The burning mazeAwaiting Full Review
The butterflyAwaiting Full Review
The cardboard kingdomAwaiting Full Review
The cayAwaiting Full Review
The chocolate warAwaiting Full Review
The closerAwaiting Full Review
The color of my wordsAwaiting Full Review
The colors of usAwaiting Full Review
The CompoundAwaiting Full Review
The contradictionsAwaiting Full Review
The Cost of KnowingAwaiting Full Review
The courage to be yourselfAwaiting Full Review
The dangerous art of blending inAwaiting Full Review
The dark descent of Elizabeth FrankensteinAwaiting Full Review
The dark prophecyAwaiting Full Review
The day of Ahmed’s secretAwaiting Full Review
The day you beginAwaiting Full Review
The dead man in Indian CreekAwaiting Full Review
The deepest breathAwaiting Full Review
The detourAwaiting Full Review
The devil in ViennaAwaiting Full Review
The devouring grayAwaiting Full Review
The difference between you and meAwaiting Full Review
The double life of PocahontasAwaiting Full Review
The downstairs girlAwaiting Full Review
The dreamkeepersAwaiting Full Review
The EarthAwaiting Full Review
The edge of the abyssAwaiting Full Review
The education of Margot SanchezAwaiting Full Review
The Egypt gameAwaiting Full Review
The electric heirAwaiting Full Review
The emerald seaAwaiting Full Review
The Ethics of abortionAwaiting Full Review
The face on the milk cartonAwaiting Full Review
The fake news phenomenonAwaiting Full Review
The falling in love montageAwaiting Full Review
The family bookAwaiting Full Review
The family Fletcher takes Rock IslandAwaiting Full Review
The fever kingAwaiting Full Review
The field guide to the North American teenagerAwaiting Full Review
The fightAwaiting Full Review
The fighting groundAwaiting Full Review
The First to Die at the EndAwaiting Full Review
The forgotten girlAwaiting Full Review
The Freedom Summer murdersAwaiting Full Review
The gallery of unfinished girlsAwaiting Full Review
The garden of my ImaanAwaiting Full Review
The Gender Quest WorkbookAwaiting Full Review
The gentleman’s guide to getting luckyAwaiting Full Review
The gentleman’s guide to vice and virtueAwaiting Full Review
The gift of RamadanAwaiting Full Review
The Girl from the SeaAwaiting Full Review
The Girl GuideAwaiting Full Review
The girl with a babyAwaiting Full Review
The girls are never goneAwaiting Full Review
The girls I’ve beenAwaiting Full Review
The GiverAwaiting Full Review
The glass castleAwaiting Full Review
The God boxAwaiting Full Review
The god of small thingsAwaiting Full Review
The Gold-Threaded DressAwaiting Full Review
The golden compassAwaiting Full Review
The golden lilyAwaiting Full Review
The golem’s eyeAwaiting Full Review
The good earthAwaiting Full Review
The gravity of usAwaiting Full Review
The great American whateverAwaiting Full Review
The great big book of familiesAwaiting Full Review
The great Gilly HopkinsAwaiting Full Review
The grief keeperAwaiting Full Review
The guy bookAwaiting Full Review
The haunted house next doorAwaiting Full Review
The heartbreak bakeryAwaiting Full Review
The hidden oracleAwaiting Full Review
The hiding placeAwaiting Full Review
The HoneysAwaiting Full Review
The house of HadesAwaiting Full Review
The House of the ScorpionAwaiting Full Review
The house of the spiritsAwaiting Full Review
The house on Mango StreetAwaiting Full Review
The immortal life of Henrietta LacksAwaiting Full Review
The Indigo spellAwaiting Full Review
The inexplicable logic of my lifeAwaiting Full Review
The inheritance gamesAwaiting Full Review
The it girlAwaiting Full Review
The jacketAwaiting Full Review
The jungleAwaiting Full Review
The kindness bookAwaiting Full Review
The lady’s guide to petticoats and piracyAwaiting Full Review
The landAwaiting Full Review
The Land of Stories #2Awaiting Full Review
The Language of SeabirdsAwaiting Full Review
The last missionAwaiting Full Review
The letter QAwaiting Full Review
The lions of Little RockAwaiting Full Review
The lost and the foundAwaiting Full Review
The Lotterys more or lessAwaiting Full Review
The love & lies of Rukhsana AliAwaiting Full Review
The Love and Lies of Rukhsana AliAwaiting Full Review
The lucky listAwaiting Full Review
The magic fishAwaiting Full Review
The Magic MisfitsAwaiting Full Review
The Magical YetAwaiting Full Review
The many colors of Harpreet SinghAwaiting Full Review
The marrow thievesAwaiting Full Review
The MarvelsAwaiting Full Review
The middle school survival guideAwaiting Full Review
The midnight starAwaiting Full Review
The mighty heart of Sunny St. JamesAwaiting Full Review
The mighty Miss MaloneAwaiting Full Review
The misadventures of the family FletcherAwaiting Full Review
The missingAwaiting Full Review
The Moon WithinAwaiting Full Review
The mysterious edge of the heroic worldAwaiting Full Review
The name jarAwaiting Full Review
The new Jim CrowAwaiting Full Review
The night diaryAwaiting Full Review
The Night of Your LifeAwaiting Full Review
The only black girls in townAwaiting Full Review
The other boyAwaiting Full Review
The other sideAwaiting Full Review
The OutsidersAwaiting Full Review
The Parker InheritanceAwaiting Full Review
The passing playbookAwaiting Full Review
The past and other things that should stay buriedAwaiting Full Review
The perfect placeAwaiting Full Review
The pigmanAwaiting Full Review
The Polar Bear Explorers’ ClubAwaiting Full Review
The power of oneAwaiting Full Review
The Princess Diaries #1Awaiting Full Review
The problem with foreverAwaiting Full Review
The pros of consAwaiting Full Review
The rabbit listenedAwaiting Full Review
The radius of usAwaiting Full Review
The realm of possibilityAwaiting Full Review
The red scrolls of magicAwaiting Full Review
The remarkable journey of Coyote SunriseAwaiting Full Review
The road to ParisAwaiting Full Review
The Rough-Face GirlAwaiting Full Review
The round houseAwaiting Full Review
THE SAME BLOODAwaiting Full Review
The scary library shusherAwaiting Full Review
The Sea of TranquilityAwaiting Full Review
The season of Styx MaloneAwaiting Full Review
The shark kingAwaiting Full Review
The siegeAwaiting Full Review
The sign of the beaverAwaiting Full Review
The sin-eater’s confessionAwaiting Full Review
The skin I’m inAwaiting Full Review
The skin you live inAwaiting Full Review
The slave dancerAwaiting Full Review
The sleepwalking snowmanAwaiting Full Review
The stars and the blackness between themAwaiting Full Review
The Stupids dieAwaiting Full Review
The summer of everythingAwaiting Full Review
The summer of Jordi Perez (and the best burger in Los Angeles)Awaiting Full Review
The summer of Owen ToddAwaiting Full Review
The Summer PrinceAwaiting Full Review
The sun is also a starAwaiting Full Review
The Sunday outingAwaiting Full Review
The sweet revenge of Celia DoorAwaiting Full Review
The Tail of Emily WindsnapAwaiting Full Review
The taming of the tightsAwaiting Full Review
The teenage body bookAwaiting Full Review
The tenth circleAwaiting Full Review
The testAwaiting Full Review
The Thanksgiving storyAwaiting Full Review
The tortilla curtainAwaiting Full Review
The trouble with chickensAwaiting Full Review
The Truth IsAwaiting Full Review
The tyrant’s tombAwaiting Full Review
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The undoing of Thistle TateAwaiting Full Review
The upstairs roomAwaiting Full Review
The war that saved my lifeAwaiting Full Review
The waveAwaiting Full Review
The way backAwaiting Full Review
The way I used to beAwaiting Full Review
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The whispersAwaiting Full Review
The will of the empressAwaiting Full Review
The wish giverAwaiting Full Review
The witch of Blackbird PondAwaiting Full Review
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The world needs more purple peopleAwaiting Full Review
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The year of the bookAwaiting Full Review
The you I’ve never knownAwaiting Full Review
Their eyes were watching GodAwaiting Full Review
Then he ate my boy entrancersAwaiting Full Review
There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroomAwaiting Full Review
These witches don’t burnAwaiting Full Review
They both die at the endAwaiting Full Review
They called us enemyAwaiting Full Review
Things We Couldn’t SayAwaiting Full Review
This book is anti-racistAwaiting Full Review
This day in JuneAwaiting Full Review
This is my AmericaAwaiting Full Review
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This is your timeAwaiting Full Review
This place is not my homeAwaiting Full Review
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Thousand wordsAwaiting Full Review
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To all the boys I’ve loved beforeAwaiting Full Review
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TomAwaiting Full Review
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Transgender PeopleAwaiting Full Review
Trickster’s queenAwaiting Full Review
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Turning pointAwaiting Full Review
Turtles all the way downAwaiting Full Review
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Twenty boy summerAwaiting Full Review
Two parties, one tux, and a very short film about The grapes of wrathAwaiting Full Review
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UnbecomingAwaiting Full Review
Under my hijabAwaiting Full Review
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Under the moonAwaiting Full Review
Under the never skyAwaiting Full Review
Understanding sexual orientation and gender identityAwaiting Full Review
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UntamedAwaiting Full Review
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Unusual chickens for the exceptional poultry farmerAwaiting Full Review
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Vegan, Virgin, ValentineAwaiting Full Review
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WaitAwaiting Full Review
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We are all made of moleculesAwaiting Full Review
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We marchAwaiting Full Review
We set the dark on fireAwaiting Full Review
We unleash the merciless stormAwaiting Full Review
We used to be friendsAwaiting Full Review
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What can’t waitAwaiting Full Review
What if it’s usAwaiting Full Review
What is white privilege?Awaiting Full Review
What was the March on Washington?Awaiting Full Review
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What’s the big secret?Awaiting Full Review
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