Their Reality v. The Truth

It’s almost as if the above line was taken out of the playbook of so-called “progressives” within Academy District 20 who wish you to believe the worst about parents trying to protect their children from the most despicable form of indoctrination through obscene and subjective books surreptitiously placed in school libraries. They pretend with such passion that it is just unconscionable that someone would want to shield their children from exposure to perverted doctrine that promotes the utmost forms of sexual aberration, racism, and rebellious entitlement.

History proves times and again the immense social consequences of embracing such horrifying activity. Yet, these incompetents, bigots, and pedophiles continue to try and flip the script by convincing the masses that their failed ideologies are part of a prosperous utopian reformation; and the despicable are any person who dares expose and challenge their wicked targeting of children.

It’s All a Game

It’s visibly a game of deception for these self-proclaimed tolerant progressives. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t muster like aggressors on the warpath to crush any trace of dissent. They wouldn’t abuse, manipulate, or completely ignore due process to get their way. And they would certainly not repeat cognate, false assertions against those who oppose their activities.

Below are just a few of the sanctimonious lies about accountability in the school library that these degenerates spew wildly and indiscriminately.

First Amendment Rights

Spreaders of this falsehood typically reference the March 2nd, 1982 Supreme Court decision in Board of Education, Island Trees Union Free School District No. 26 v. Pico as evidence, asserting that the ruling confirms books cannot be removed from a school because it violates the Constitution. On the contrary, while the First Amendment was a point of consideration, the final judgement affirmed, “Petitioners [BOE] possess significant discretion to determine the content of their school libraries, but that discretion may not be exercised in a narrowly partisan or political manner.” Meaning, so long as the justification for adding or removing a book is not “orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion”, and their procedure is not “highly irregular and ad hoc”, a governing body (or petitioner) is well within their legal right to pursue such action.

Teaching History, Art, and Science

In the case of history, most authors openly admit their stories are a “historical fiction” – the practice of writing a creative story which occurs parallel to a widely known time or event. For science, it’s becoming more and more apparent each day that these activists’ wild assertions of being aligned with scientific fact are disingenuous and delusional. They think others stupid enough to accept that, if they make a baseless claim, it will simply be believed. The nearest argument they are left with is claiming these books are artistic; however, anyone who believes exposing children to sexual abnormalities is simply an expression of art deserve no less than a spot on public sex offender registries to warn parents of the threat they pose to minors.


Well, this claim, sadly, is true. However, the part they don’t tell you is what else these institutes have also endorsed. In 2001, the ALA and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) joined forces and challenged the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) because the law required public libraries to place blockers on their computers to prevent users from accessing pornography (they lost).

Required Reading

Several parents have reported their children coming home with homework involving research and reporting on a book after they were directed by their teachers to pick one out of the library – sometimes the teacher specifying which books they are allowed to choose from. Additionally, there exists instructional material, like this biology book in the Discovery Canyon Campus High School library, claiming matter-of-fact a fictitious assertion that “we now know that sex is not a binary state…Some individuals are born with intermediate sexual (“intersex”) characteristics, or even with anatomical features that do not match an individual’s sense of their own gender (“transgender” individuals).

Only in High Schools

Of the 122 books listed on so far which violate laws on obscenity prescribed by The Miller Test and C.R.S. 18-7-102, 110 are located in high schools, 44 are in middle schools, and 6 in elementary schools. Exposing this lie also demonstrates the immorality of individuals who rationalize allowing pornography to be shared with underage children.

Young Adult Stickers

This lie was on full display during an Academy District 20 public meeting in which Board of Education member Heather Cloninger falsely claimed a challenged book had a “Young Adult” sticker (intended to emphasize that a book contains mature content) when, in fact, it did not. A present-day assessment of books containing explicit themes has revealed that approximately only 20% have a “Young Adult” sticker affixed to them.

Number of Check-Outs

The number of times smut has been checked out from a school library isn’t even remotely a logical or legal argument for keeping it – yet multiple individuals try (to include BOE member Will Temby). Nowhere in Academy District 20 existing policy, much less state and federal law, is this assertion considered a litmus test for appropriateness.

Just One Parent

There exists video upon video on YouTube and other platforms of parents all over the United States waking and rising up to make themselves heard at Board of Education meetings. This includes at multiple school districts within Colorado Springs.

Looking For Trouble

BOE member, Heather Cloninger, once again made deliberately false counteraccusations against parents to shift focus away from the presence of questionable material in school libraries. Even if these allegations were true (which they aren’t), it doesn’t neutralize the culpability of depraved activists and groups overwhelming school libraries with sexually explicit filth.

Obscenity in The Bible

Contrary to fabrications spread by a local activist having ties to both the Church of Satan and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, The Bible actually demonizes cruelty brought on by sexual obsessions being paraded as “normal”. Additionally, the events in the Bible are rooted in history – nearly every obscene book that has been challenged is pure fiction.

Book Banning

As demonstrated above by the attempt to remove The Bible, appealing for the removal of books deemed offensive from a school library is not exclusively partisan. As a matter of fact, many progressives (including in Colorado Springs) have been brash advocates for the censorship of books they disagreed with. One such individual, a professor at UC Berkeley no less, even posted on Twitter, “Plz make sure you use a safe pyre, and that you have an extinguisher to hand. Be safe, when you are burning books. Remember: all you’re doing is removing a commodity from circulation—much as one might destroy a contaminated crop, or take action if a distributor failed to do so.” Additionally, in 2023, for all of ALA’s rhetoric about ALL Americans having the right to use public libraries for events, their self-proclaimed “Marxist Lesbian” president was exposed for encouraging public libraries to block the reading of Christian children’s books during Kirk Cameron’s “Brave Books Story Hour”.

Thought Police

Simply put, if these degenerates wish to censure us for disagreeing with the distribution of pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and other perverted practices…we’re perfectly okay with it.

Try Introducing Books

One parent in District 20 attempted exactly that. Books he offered to the schools included bibliographies of prominent political leaders; accounts of events in history; and evaluations of common social opinion. All ten of the books he attempted to donate were rejected on various laughable grounds, including alleged biases and lack of endorsement (one was a NYT Bestseller).

Review Process

Just recently, this boldface lie was recited by an extremist when interviewed by The Colorado Times Recorder. On the contrary, every single book having a full review on has been read in its entirety by a concerned parent either within Academy District 20, or by an affiliate organization somewhere in the United States. This is so much the case that, quite often, individuals who’ve assisted in reviews for TakeBackD20 are capable of reciting passages and page numbers from memory.

Attend Another School

This is probably the most infuriating statement by individuals who think they have some special, authoritarian monopoly to decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t. Truth is these individuals, who’ve failed themselves and their own children at being civilized human beings, have no power whatsoever to dictate what garbage they want others’ kids to be brainwashed with.

Parents who speak out against this filth have just as much a right to be heard. They have a right to speak in support of or opposition against something in the schools they pay taxes for like everyone else. If they want to keep their children in one school over another – that’s their right. If they want to object to their tax dollars being used to purchase and distribute X-rated materials to children, that’s their right.