Better Nate than Ever by Tim Federle

Available At: Challenger Middle School, Chinook Trail Middle School, Eagleview Middle School, Mountain Ridge Middle School, Rampart High School, Timberview Middle School

Categories : Anti-Religion, LGBTQ+

Description: An eighth-grader who dreams of performing in a Broadway musical concocts a plan to run away to New York and audition for the role of Elliot in the musical version of “E.T.”

YA Label?: No

Notes: This book contains anti-religion and LGBTQ themes.

Violations (Miller Test [MT] & Colorado Obscenity Test [CD])

The above scale indicates whether, in our view, the referenced book violates established and upheld Federal (Miller Test) and State (Colorado Obscenity Test) standards. Books that violate ALL established standards will have a table printed in red. Under Colorado Law, willful distribution of such material is deemed a Class 6 penalty carrying a fine and/or up to 18 months in prison.


Page 27: He’s not unfunny for a faggot.

Page 130: A sign outside the door next to E.T. says: “Pole Dancing Class by Charlene: POLE NOT REQUIRED,” with a big smiley face, drawn where the O of “pole dancing” is. A smiley face wearing lipstick. Whoa.

Page 193: And just before it clicks shut, and I run to it, unaware where I am for a moment, like I’m watching a movie? The two boys kiss.

Page 250: Little Bill had a male porno magazine…So now the rumor is burning through school that little Bill has a secret gay crush on big Bill.

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