Memorial Day 2023

As we spend this day with friends and family, let us not forget why this day is important. Because there were men and women throughout history willing to lay down their lives for this great nation and what it stood for – freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression, and freedom from mindless dogmas of those who would levy them on our families.

While we may not be perfect, this “Great Experiment” which formed our American Republic has stood strong as a beacon of light across the world, magnetizing others and putting fear in the heart of our enemies. It is no wonder foreigners flock to our borders to get a taste of the freedom we sometimes take for granted.

However, we must always be vigilant to the efforts of the ideologically perverse to sadistically impose both failed and untested concepts that benefit no one, but degrade the prosperity of all.

May we celebrate the lives of our brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep all of us safe.

– TakeBackD20

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