Middle School’s a Drag: You Better Werk by Greg Howard

Available At: Chinook Trail (MS)

Categories : LGBTQ+, Sexual

Description: In Charleston, South Carolina, a young business entrepreneur, newly out as gay, starts his own junior talent agency and signs a thirteen-year-old aspiring drag queen as his first client.

YA Label?: No

Notes: This book contains alternate gender ideologies; alternate sexualities; hate; and inexplicit sexual activities.

Violations (Miller Test [MT] & Colorado Obscenity Test [CD])

The above scale indicates whether, in our view, the referenced book violates established and upheld Federal (Miller Test) and State (Colorado Obscenity Test) standards. Books that violate ALL established standards will have a table printed in red. Under Colorado Law, willful distribution of such material is deemed a Class 6 penalty carrying a fine and/or up to 18 months in prison.


Page 16: “I’m not a mister,” he says, resting his hands on his knees. “I’m Coco Caliente, Mistress of Madness and Mayhem.”…”It’s my stage name,” he says with a pointed look like I might have offended him. “My boy name is Julian.”

Page 31: I don’t want to tell them what Julian’s talent is before I see it for myself. If I say, He’s a drag queen, it’ll just spark a thousand more questions from Lyla.

Page 60: He almost looks like a real girl. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, but seeing it live and up close, well, it’s a lot to take in.

Page 64: After taking a dramatic bow, he steps down off the stage like he’s worn high heels since he was a baby drag queen.

Page 67: “Colton thinks I need a bigger ending,” Julian says. “Something that leaves the judges gagging. What do you think, Michael?” “Why would you want the audience to gag?” Lyla asks the question before I can. “He means gagging like losing their minds and going wild.”…”Gagging is a good thing these days,” Mrs. Vasquez says.

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