Lily And Dunkin by Donna Gephart

Available At: Challenger, Chinook Trail (MS), DCC (MS), Mountain Ridge

Categories: Cursing, LGBTQ+

Description: A young teenage boy begins to transition into a girl with the aid of hormone blockers, while her new neighbor stops taking his mood stabilizers and ends up

YA Label?: No

Notes: This book contains alternate sexualities; alternate gender ideologies; profanity and derogatory terms; and commentary on suicide.

Violations (Miller Test [MT] & Colorado Obscenity Test [CD])

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Page 11: Lily Jo is not my name, yet but I’m working on that. That’s why I’m in the closet.

Page 14: I slip into Mom’s sandals, barely believing my feet have now grown as large as hers, but they have. In her full-length mirror, I see how the top of the dress bags out. If only I had something up there to fill it out, like Mom and Sarah do. I consider grabbing one of Mom’s bras and stuffing it with socks, to see how it would look. How it would feel.

Page 36: “But it’s not who I am. Every day, every single minute of every single day, I know that I…am…a…girl.” …”The hormone blockers. Remember I told you about them? I have to get started on them now or else-“

Page 38: “He’s making it impossible for me,” I say. “I can’t go on like this. I can’t turn into-” …”I don’t have more time.” I pull away from Mom. “I’m beginning to change. And it’s making me crazy. I need to start hormone blockers right now or things are going to happen that can’t be reversed. I can’t wait any more, and I need one of you to sign the form so I can get them.” “I’ll talk to him,” Mom says. “Again. Please be patient a little longer. I want your dad to be on board before we take this next step.”

Page 242: My whole body tingles as I pull my shorts up to expose my thigh. No more facial hair. No deep voice. No Adam’s apple. No new hair growing down there. No anything else growing down there! “That’s it?” I ask after the doctor plunges the needle into my thigh. I had expected the shot to really hurt, but it didn’t.…”To celebrate, Lily. We need to celebrate this milestone.” …”We do need to celebrate.”And we do!

Page 242: “She showed me a statistic. Forty-three percent of transgender kids try to kill themselves.” Dad sniffs again, hard. “Then she said, ‘Would you rather have adead son or a live daughter?’”

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