Rick by Alex Gino

Available At: Challenger, Chinook Trail (MS)

Categories: LGBTQ+

Description: From the author of Melissa, the story of a boy named Rick who needs to explore his own identity apart from his jerk of a best friend.

YA Label?: No

Notes: An eleven-year-old boy joins his school’s Rainbow Spectrum club and decides that he is unsure of his sexuality.

Violations (Miller Test [MT] & Colorado Obscenity Test [CD])

The above scale indicates whether, in our view, the referenced book violates established and upheld Federal (Miller Test) and State (Colorado Obscenity Test) standards. Books that violate ALL established standards will have a table printed in red. Under Colorado Law, willful distribution of such material is deemed a Class 6 penalty carrying a fine and/or up to 18 months in prison.


Page 20: “No, dude, I told you! She was super naked. And hot too. Everyone was staring. Men, women, kids. Even the fish.”

Page 24: “’Wait, is that you, G-?’ Melissa stopped him with a raised finger as well as her voice. ‘I don’t use that name anymore. You can call me Melissa.’”

Page 25: “’I’m a girl. A transgender girl. I wanted to come to school as myself last year, but my mom said I should wait for a fresh start in middle school.’”

Page 94: “‘Hi, I’m Zoe, I’m in eighth grade, and I’m bisexual. My preferred pronouns are she and her. And I’m here because I think LGBTQIAP+ rights are really important.’”