The Lotterys Plus One by Emma Donoghue

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Categories: LGBTQ+

Description: The Lotterys are not your average family. Far from it, perhaps. With two gay dads (PapaDum and PopCorn), two gay moms (CardaMum and MaxiMum), and seven children (biological and adopted) (Sic, Catalpa, Wood, Aspen, Sumac, Brian (real name Briar), and Oak), they are not the kind of people you would casually run into.

YA Label?: No

Notes: 2 gay dads and two gay moms who both had and adopted children together. Includes a four year old gender-fluid child.

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Intro: “One upon a time, a man from Delhi and a man from Yukon fell in love, and so did a woman from Jamaica and a Mohawk woman. The two couples became best friends and had a baby together.”

Page 174: “’Each to their own,’ says MaxiMum with a shrug. Suma wishes Grups could hear this. One male + one female = nature’s way, my butt!”

Page 184: “’The boy,’ says Grumps, staring. ‘Wood?’ says Sumac, looking around. ‘The wee baldy one.’ Grumps is pointing at naked Brian, who’s shuddering under the hose. ‘He’s a girl.’ A silence, which Brian breaks, ‘I not a girl!’ Aspen titters, ‘Didn’t you know?’ she asks Grumps. He gives her a fierce look. Sumac’s staggered. How can the man have spent nearly two weeks here thinking Brian’s a boy? ‘At the moment, Brian’s preferring not to be called that,’ murmurs PopCorn.”

Page 185: “‘Why did you name her Brian, for the love of God?’ he demands. ‘It was actually Briar,’ says Sumac, ‘but she changed it when she was three.’”

Page 195: “‘It’s a fact: We’re a raggle-taggle, multiculti crew. Grumps was raised on racism, homophobia, all that jazz. Nineteen thirties ring a bell at all? Hitler? Ex-ter-min-ate!’ Sic adds in a robotic voice.”